How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster Naturally

Everyone has a specific hair cycle for every hair on her body, notes Dr. Francesca Fusco, CLEAR Scalp and Hair Dermatologist, so some women will have hair that grows quickly, while others may have a much longer cycle. One product, Latisse, works by extending the growth cycle of eyelashes. But unfortunately, there’s how to make hair grow fast out there that does the same on your scalp.

Excessive heat, sun, brushing, and lack of conditioning all affect how our hair looks and behaves. Our hair is very fragile, especially so for certain ethnic groups, so we should treat our hair with care. You wouldn’t want to put a valuable oriental rug out in the hot sun for days on end, nor would you leave a hot iron on it everyday. Neither should you do this to your hair! The sun can damage your hair, but we usually don’t protect it as we would our skin.

Whether you are suffering from hair growth problems or envious of the long and shiny locks of your favorite movie star or want to get out of a disastrous haircut, we have the best solutions for all these hair issues!

The Science Behind Hair Growth

There is nothing better than having long hair because it gives a woman the opportunity to have different and various looks. When a woman has long hair, she can easily curl it, straighten it, tie in a bun or just let it down. She has all the luxury to learn how to make hair grow faster in the world to create herself different hair styles that can compliment her different outfits and moods.

But sometimes, just having long hair can be a problem because some women have a more difficult time growing their hair. So what can they do if they wish to grow their hair longer in a faster pace? Is there an answer to their question how can I make my hair grow faster?

So should you be one of the guys who need fast hair growth, go on and read this article as it will discuss few of the simplest recommendations, so you can grow your hair faster.

While trimming your hair doesn’t make it grow faster on its own, it does help prevent breakage and therefore, your length, says Edward Tricomi, master stylist at Warren-Tricomi Salons. “Regular trims will keep your hair healthier, and in turn, aid you in hair growth.”

Regular Trims

The answer: Sadly, there’s no magic potion that will make your hair grow faster; the only way to achieve Rapunzel-like hair is through genetics. “It’s a genetic roulette; but the good news is there is much we can control by the way we treat our hair,” says Fusco.

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